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Jailbroken iPad 3G Can Send Text Messages

Couple of days ago, iPhone-Dev Team jailbreaked iPad 3G with their upcoming Spirit tool and now they have again amazed everyone by sending text messages (SMS) via jailbroken iPad 3G. MuscleNerd, who happens to be a member of iPhone-Dev Team recently released a video in which he is sending text-messages to his iPhone via his jailbroken iPad. MuscleNerd is using standard AT commands to send these text-messages as MobileSMS app of iPhone doesn't run properly on iPad 3G.

iPad and iPhone

MuscleNerd is using T-Mobile Sim(cut down into microSIM size) in the above video as the AT&T plan attached to the SIM that came with the iPad isn't allowing SMS messages. MuscleNerd have also shared his terminal script he used in the above video which can also be used to send SMS via iPhone terminal. Click here to download and try it on iSSH.
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[via RedmondPie | YouTube]

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