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Guide To Grab Your iDevice ECID On Windows And Mac

Inorder to backup your SHSH blobs using Firmware Umbrella, you need to know your ECID (Exclusive Chip ID) so that it can save your SHSH file locally either from Apple or Saurik server. For those who don't know what is ECID: Apple introduced new security feature in iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G/2G-MC which stops you from downgrading to previous firmware releases once new firmware update is released. Every time you downgrade your iDevice, iTunes generates unique signatures for your device by contacting Apple servers. Incase you have saved your SHSH blobs, you can easily trick iTunes to verify signatures from Saurik server instead of Apple servers by editing your Windows or Mac HOSTS file.

I will explain how you can grab ECID of your iPhone here. You can follow the same step-by-step guide to get ECID of your iPad and iPod Touch.

Guide To Grab ECID On Mac:

  1. Start your iPhone in Recovery Mode.
    • Start iTunes and connect your iPhone to your Mac.
    • Turn of your iPhone completely and hold down home and power button for 10 seconds.
    • Home + Power Button

    • After 10 seconds, release the power button but keep pressing the home button until your PC produces a beep sound or you see the following message on your computer screen:
    • iPhone DFU Mode

    • Thats it!. Now your iPhone screen will look like this:
    • iPhone In Recovery Mode

  2. Navigate to Applications-> Utilities-> System Profiler.
  3. After opening System Profiler, select USB from the Hardware menu at left-pane.
  4. Mac System Profiler

  5. Now select Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode) from the right-pane as shown in the screenshot below:
  6. Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode)

  7. From the bottom-right pane, copy your ECID from the Serial Number field.
  8. Grab Your ECID from System Profiler

Guide To Grab ECID On Windows:

  1. Start your iPhone in Recovery Mode (See the procedure in the above section)
  2. Download and run USBView application.
  3. USBView

  4. Go to Options in menu and select Config Discriptors.
  5. Config Discriptors

  6. Now from the File menu, select Refresh
  7. Refresh

  8. Select the Apple Recovery (iBoot) device from the USB Device Tree in the left panel then copy your ECID from the Descriptor fields on the right.
  9. Save ECID on Windows

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