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FatBooth: Another Funny App For iPhone and iPod Touch

Just like iSwap Faces, FatBooth is another funny iPhone app which allows you to fatten your friend's face with a single tap. Just capture a photo of your friend from your iPhone's camera and share his obese photo on your Facebook or Twitter account easily. Working of FatBooth app is very simple, it allows you to fatten your friend's face by creating double chins, chubby cheeks and many more.

FatBooth iPhone App

Features of FatBooth:

  1. Works with photos taken with your iPhone camera or from your photo library.
  2. Auto-cropping using face detection.
  3. Transformation process is instant with no internet connection needed.
  4. Shake iPhone to see before and after views.
  5. Save results to your photo library.
  6. Share with your friends via MMS (once saved to your library) or email, FaceBook, Twitter.

FatBooth app is created by guys at PiVi & Co who are famous for creating funny and unusual iPhone apps like AgingBooth which is #1 Top Paid App in more than 25 countries. You can download FatBooth iPhone app from App Store for U.S. $0.99.

Download FatBooth directly from App Store.

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    imli11 years, 3 months ago

    Another great app in this league is FaceMix. It enables you to MIX up to 6 different faces and which you can easily share. So don’t become fatter, but get yourself a different nose!