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Fix iTunes Errors Of Spirit And Blackra1n With iFixer 1.0.1

You might have faced some issues related to improper iTunes version while jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Spirit tool or blackra1n. Comex's Spirit jailbreak requires iTunes 9 or higher to work properly while Geohot's blackra1n is also known to have some issues with iTunes 9.1. iFixer 1.0.1 is a small utility which will make Spirit and blackra1n compatible with all versions of iTunes including iTunes 9.1.x.

iFixer for Spirit and blackra1n

The tool is extremely easy to use. Just place Spirit, blackr1an and iFixer on your desktop and hit "Make it Spirit" before using Spirit tool and "Make it ra1n" button before using blackra1n tool. You won't be seeing any warning or iTunes error messages this time.

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