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Wi-Fi Sync App Will Sync Your iPhone With iTunes Wirelessly

Greg Hughes has developed an amazing app which will sync your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iTunes wirelessly. Greg demoed the app in a video and plans to submit it to App Store at the end of this week. According to engadget, there are very much less chances that Apple is going to approve such app. However if the app got rejected from the App Store, it will be welcomed in Cydia :P.

Wifi Sync App

According to Greg, the app will be coming in two parts, first the app which will be installed on your iDevice, 2ndly a small program which will be running on your computer along with the iTunes. Greg is very much confident that Apple will approve the app, however in my personal opinion this app will be only available to the jailbroken iPhones in future. Whats your opinion regarding this app?
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