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Thunderst0rm: Unlock For OS 3.1.3 05:12:01 Baseband Will Be Releasing Tomorrow?

As informed earlier Thunderst0rm will be a tool which will unlock iPhone OS 3.1.3 05:12:01 baseband on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 1G. Not only this but the team of hackers claim that Thunderst0rm will also Jailbreak the said models of iPhone within no time. Previously hackers revealed the video in which they demoed the unlock of iPhone 3GS running OS 3.1.3 05.12.01 baseband via Thunderst0rm. Hackers also told that they will be releasing this tool on 23rd April. This time they came up with a new video in which they are demoing the final build of Thunderst0rm which will be releasing tomorrow.

Thunderst0rm Final Build

Hackers provided us with a download link in their previous update, however they say that its not more than just a promotional beta. On downloading and running the project, we got the following message:
Thunderst0rm Promotional Beta
As soon as hackers will be releasing the final build of this tool, we will be updating you with the download links. So stay tuned! [via Official Website]
Update 1: We just visited the official website of Thunders0rm but it was down probably due to DDoS attack. However when we viewed the website via Google cache, we found the download link to thunderst0rm_-_under_construction.rar. On downloading and running thunderst0rm RC2.exe, we got the following message:
Thunderst0rm Under Construction
Seems that the Thunderst0rm team is still working on it, hope they will release the tool as soon as possible.
Update 2: Thunderst0rm tool has been released and its available for download at their official blog.
Download Link:
Update 3: According to iH8sn0w, the tool is simply FAKE!
iH8sn0w Thunderst0rm
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