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TeamViewer for iPhone – Remote Desktop Sharing and Control

Ever thought of remotely accessing a computer from your iPhone or iPod Touch? It's possible! With TeamViewer app for iPhone and iPod Touch you can access any computer from anywhere, allowing you to remotely manage and control things on it. TeamViewer for iPhone and iPod Touch is indeed a very useful app, it allows complete access to unattended computers at office or home via your iPhone, with a lot more uses.

Best part is that it's free as long as you it's not being used for commercial purposes. UI of app is great, making it extremely simple to use. Once installed on iPhone/iPod Touch, you will see a simple login screen, you just have to enter login and password details and touch "Connect to Partner" and you will be connected to Windows PC or Mac, which login details you just entered.

The computer you remotely want to access should have the correct software installed, but for instance, if you need to quickly connect to someone else computer to them fix some thing then they don't need to install complete package, they just have to visit TeamViewer website and download the "QuickSupport" application and run it, it will allow you to remotely access the machine without actually installing the software on it!

Other main features of the app are its "Partner List" and "List of Computers" you recently accessed.

Here is video to see TeamViewer app in action.

To conclude, it's a must have app for your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can use it in a variety of ways. Free or Pro version of Application can be downloaded from App Store.

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