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Sprint Offers 4G Case for iPad – A High Speed 4G Hotspot

Sprint is impressively promoting its WiMAX network via Overdrive 4G Hotspot mobile router. They are nicely targeting our favorite Wi-Fi enabled Apple devices. The US wireless carrier earlier showed WiMAX/4G support for iPhone and now they have introduced an iPad 4G case to carry an iPad along with wireless hotspot router. With overdrive you can experience 4G speed on your iPad, and you can simultaneously connect 5 Wi-Fi devices with mobile hotspot.

The Overdrive lets you sync up with any Wi-Fi device, like computers, phones, e-readers and portable game consoles. And when you’re outside of 4G coverage areas, it’ll automatically switch over to Sprint’s 3G network, so you can get online almost anywhere.

The iPad 4G case is being offered with Sprint's Overdrive Hotspot at Best Buy locations with a 2 years contract. The case has separate padded compartments for iPad and Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot.

Sprint is definitely filling the gap of 4th-gen mobile phones with its Overdrive services, as this allows a 2G/3G device to use a 4G network via Wi-Fi. On a 4G network you can get 3 - 6 Mbps which is considerably faster than 3G network speed of 600 Kbps - 1 Mbps. Moreover, if you are not in 4G coverage, the Overdrive router works pretty well on Sprint's 3G network, so if you are a Sprint customer, getting your hands on Overdrive router isn't a bad choice at all!

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