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Comex Spirit Jailbreak Release Delayed

A bit disappointing news for those who are eagerly waiting for the Spirit Jailbreak today after yesterday's claim of Comex that he will release Spirit tool to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1.3 and iPad OS 3.2 on the upcoming Friday (April 30, 2010). Recently Comex again tweeted an update that he is not going to release the Spirit jailbreak tool that early, moreover Comex deleted his previous tweet in which he claimed that he is going to release the tool on the upcoming Friday.

Comex Tweets
Acc. to Comex, he made this tuff decision after reading an article about how Apple patched SMS security hole found by Charlie Millers and Collin Mulliners in iPhone OS 3.0 which allowed hackers to access all of your phone's data remotely by sending a single message to your iPhone. Apple fixed the SMS vulnerability on the very next day by releasing a minor update of iPhone OS 3.0.1. So Comex is of the view that Apple may also release an firmware update for his Spirit exploit as soon as he releases Spirit jailbreak tool.

Spirit Jailbreak
For those who don't know: Spirit jailbreak was initially thought to be based on a browser based hack, but now it will be coming in the form of a jailbreaking tool like blackra1n which will jailbreak all iDevices running latest firmwares with the newer bootroms. Geohot also commended Spirit jailbreak in his recent tweet and asked his followers to keep an eye on the upcoming Spirit jailbreak.
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