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Next iPod Touch 4G Has Camera? Two Prototypes Appear on eBay

The tale of iPhone 4G prototype hasn't end yet and we've found something interesting about next generation iPod Touch 4G. Two prototypes or semi-worked iPod Touch with rear cameras were put up on eBay for auction by someone. Both are supposedly development versions of iPod Touch, marked with "DVT-1" and "DVT-2" and "Apple development Team". One of them is running some OS with a "switchborad" window.

These prototypes are no longer available for auction on eBay, perhaps eBay management suspended the auction due to direct involvement of Apple authorities. Leaked Images after the jump.

Well, after seeing these images we can say with little indemnity that these are legit! As the hardware is identical to current 3rd Generation iPod Touch, regarding the OS shown in images, the hardware/testing team doesn't get to see the actual software, Apple follows this tradition since original iPhone, so the OS might be legit as well.

Only time will tell that these images are authenitc or fake, but if these are real prototypes of next iPod Touch, Apple is certainly having a hard time in protecting info leaks of its future products. [via 9to5Mac]

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