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New iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Spotted In iPhone 3.2 SDK

BGR is reporting that one of their connects have found a reference to the upcoming new iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in iPad filesystem. According to the explanation by TUAW iPhone 1,1 refers to original iPhone, similarly iPhone 1,2 and iPhone 2,1 refers to iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS respectively. Where as iPhone3,2, iPhone3,3, iPod 4,1 and iProd 2,1 probably refers to the new devices which will be revealed by Apple in near future. From the names, the first two are clearly iPhones (CDMA and GSM version of iPhone 4G?) and the next one can be next generation iPod. As far as iProd is concerned, it can be iPad 3G or 2nd-Gen iPad? (TUAW already confirmed that iProd is the codename of iPad).

New iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Reference Spotted In iPhone 3.2 SDK
Apple recently revealed the iPhone SDK 3.2 on iPhone Dev Center which includes the Xcode IDE, iPhone Simulator, and a suite of additional tools for developing applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This build is exactly same to the final version of iPhone SDK 3.2 reveled by Apple couple of days ago, the only difference is that the previous release was available for the developers who were enrolled in either iPhone Developer Standard or Enterprise Program (both paid), while this one is available for free on iPhone Dev.

iPhone SDK 3.2

Download iPhone SDK 3.2 (iPhone Dev Center)

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