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Metal Slug Touch Available For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Metal Slug, the run and gun 2D-shooting game has been ported to iPhone platform and it's available for download via App Store for U.S. $4.99. The game was initially available on Neo-Geo platform but later it was ported to Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Wii and PSP. The iPhone version of Metal Slug is known as Metal Slug Touch. Controls for iPhone version of game are quite simple. Tilt your iPhone left or right to move in the respected direction and click on the on-screen buttons to rotate the turret. For more information on controls and gameplay jump to the video below.

Metal Slug for iPhone

Metal Slug Touch Feature

  • METAL SLUG's beautiful dot pixels perfectly reproduced on the iPhone.
  • Simple and intuitive controls available using the Multi-Touch and Accelerometer system.
  • For the first time in the Metal Slug series, complete all the missions by handling Metal Slug and Slug Flyer!
  • Total of 4 missions to beat. Conquer ground and air to eliminate Morden's Army.
  • By touching the "AVOID" icon, character will evade enemy attacks to become invincible for a fixed period of time.
  • Power Ups for your Main Shot, Cannon, etc. and Life Bonuses are just a few of the wide variety of items.

I used to play Metal Slug game back in year 2000 on my PC and now its been ported to iPhone, i am definitely going to try it on my iPhone.
Click here to buy Metal Slug for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad via App Store.
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