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Lets Scream Like Tweens For iPhone 4.0!

Apple is to unveil iPhone OS 4.0 tomorrow and hopefully this time we will not be disappointed for this much needed makeover for the iPhone OS. Though its unveiling date was unexpected, many iPhone fanatics can only have the highest expectations of Apple to include many coveted features like multitasking, a brand new UI or at least something more efficient to make the iPhone much more efficient than it already is. Oh-and of course: Flash or perhaps HTML5? Who knows?

And for all jailbreakers and unlockers, make sure to NOT upgrade your phone; you never know what OS 4.0 might have in store, so just wait until an update from our Devs. Remember: 3.1.3 was a dedicated firmware to brick as many phones as possible and without a doubt Apple may have something else up its sleeve. It might take a few days to get an update or even months, so just be patient, its a virtue.

Apple is very careful when it comes to releasing any details about its latest products and software. After the presentation is over, we will go over what new innovations Apple has come up with, hopefully something that will not be disappointing, so be prepared to be amazed by the "magic" of iPhone OS 4.0.

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