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AutoSHSH Grabber Allows You To Save Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad ECID SHSH With One Click

AutoSHSH Grabber is a new tool by iH8sn0w which allows iPhone, iPod and iPad users to save their SHSH files on their computer with just one click. All you need is to provide 16-digit ECID number of your device and AutoSHSH Grabber will save your SHSH files on your desktop. For those who don't know what is ECID? well ECID stands for Exclusive Chip ID, a unique chip number given to every iPhone 3GS and 3rd-Gen iPod Touch. Every time you downgrade or restore your device, iTunes unique generates signatures for your device by contacting Apple servers.

However iTunes can be easily tricked by adding Sauriks server address by editing your Windows or Mac HOSTS file. In this way iTunes verify the signatures already stored by On File feature of Cydia instead of verifying them from Apple server.
AutoSHSH Grabber Allows You To Backup Your ECID SHSH
AutoSHSH Grabber is very easy to use. Just connect your iPhone to your computer in recovery mode and start AutoSHSH Grabber. Click on the big button Grab my SHSH Blobs Atomtically and AutoSHSH Grabber will automatically find your ECID and will send it to Apple servers. Within a matter of seconds, it will ask you to save your .SHSH file.

Update 1: Downgrade iPhone Firmware 4.0 Beta To Firmware 3.1.3
Update 2: Downgrade iPhone Firmware 4.0 Beta To Firmware 3.1.2

Click here to download AutoSHSH Grabber.

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