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iPhone 4G Will Hit Stores On June 7 During WWDC?

Ben Parr of Mashable is reporting that someone has tipped them with a great news about WWDC 2010. Unlike past WWDCs, this year Apple have plans to release Next-Gen iPhone 4G just after the WWDC 2010. If you see the past WWDC events of iPhone 3G/3GS, you will notice that Apple usually releases its iDevice after a few weeks of the official annoucement. However this time at WWDC, Apple have plans to break the tradition by providing Next-Gen iPhone 4G soon after the WWDC event ends.

WWDC 2010
Moreover like past WWDC events, AT&T employees wont be able to take any vacations during the month of June. Although much hype of iPhone 4G has been diluted due to the Gizmodo leak of iPhone 4G (which is now sparked by a Criminal investigation) but still Apple fans will be eager to get their hands on the new iDevice. Thats why Apple have plans to put Next-Gen iPhone in stores as soon as the WWDC session ends.
[via Mashable]

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