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Apple iPad vs iPhone 3GS Speed Test

Folks at YouTube have carried out various speed tests between Apple iPad and iPhone 3GS and found iPad way faster than the iPhone. The tests were performed to compare the browsing, app downloading and app opening speed of the said iDevices. iPad is the winner in all three criterion. In the first video, iPad and iPhone was set to open a Yahoo! homepage starting at the same time, iPad almost loaded the complete webpage in 4-5 seconds and iPhone was a few seconds behind. However iPad took a prominent lead when both of the iDevices were set to open the redbox app. Similarly app downloading speed of iPad (2nd video) is also noticeably greater than iPhone. Check out the videos below:

iPad vs iPhone

The results were not that surprising to me as iPad is powered by 1GHz A4 custom-designed processor where as iPhone 3GS has 600 MHz ARM processor. The processing speed of iPhone 3GS is almost half to that of iPad but still iPhone 3GS results in the above tests were not that bad. What's your point of view?

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