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iPad Can Play FM Radio! Broadcom BCM4329 Chip Found By iFixIt

Yes its true! Apple iPad is very much capable of playing FM Radio as iFixIt tear down of iPad parts has revealed Broadcom BCM4329 chip. This chip capable of receiving and broadcasting FM signals and its the same chip which was found in iPhone 3GS and newest iPod touches. We have also heard that Apple is going to introduce FM Radio App for iPad with iPhone OS 4.0 release.

iPad Broadcom BCM4329 FM Tx-Rx Radio Chip

The Broadcom BCM4329 integrates a complete IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n system (MAC/baseband/radio) with Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), and FM radio receiver and transmitter. By combining several proven wireless technologies onto a single silicon die, the BCM4329 enables mobile devices to support today's toughest media applications -- without impacting device size or battery life.

Although FCC revealed the hardware photos of iPad first but they kept the important chip numbers and name of hardware manufacturers hidden. iFixit revealed uncensored version of these photos for both iPad Wifi and iPad 3G version. Photos by iFixit revealed that iPad has Toshiba Flash, Broadcom I/O and Apple ARM Processor.

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