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How To Save iPad OS 3.2 SHSH With AutoSHSH Grabber

Recently GeoHot Jailbreaked iPad via an updated version of Blackra1n which is yet to be released. Couple of days ago MuscleNerd also posted a video demoing Spirit Jailbreak of iPad OS 3.2 and before that Chronic Dev Team claimed that their Greenp0ison tool will Jailbreak(Untethered) iPad. With so many Jailbreaks coming in near future, it is always advised to save your SHSH, so that you may downgrade or restore your previous firmware if anything bad happens to your iPad. AutoSHSH Grabber is a software which allows you to save your SHSH file with just one click. Follow this step by step guide to save your iPad OS 3.2 SHSH with AutoSHSH Grabber.

Steps To Save Your iPad 3.2 SSHH With AutoSHSH Grabber
AutoSHSH Grabber Allows You To Backup Your ECID SHSH

  1. Make sure you have an active internet connection.
  2. Download and install AutoSHSH Grabber | Update: Download AutoSHSH Grabber RC2.
  3. Download and install Java Java Runtime environment if you haven't.
  4. Now start your iPad in Recovery mode. To do so, first turn off your iDevice completely and then hold down the Home button while connecting the USB cable until you see Apple logo and "Connect to iTunes" message on your iPhone screen.
  5. Now start AutoSHSH Grabber you downloaded in step 2.
  6. Click on the big Grab my SHSH Blobs Automatically button.
  7. AutoSHSH Grabber will detect your ECID and send it to Apple server, which in return will send your SHSH file back to it.
  8. AutoSHSH Grabber will ask you to choose location where you want to save the file.
  9. Click on Save button to save your SHSH file.

Thats it, now your iPad is safe. If you need to downgrade your iPad firmware from any other updated OS to OS 3.2 then you'll need this SHSH file. So store that file in better place. Remember, only those iPhone were able to downgrade their iPhone OS 4.0 to OS 3.1.3 or below who saved their SHSH to Cydia Server and for those who haven't saved their SHSH, they are enjoying the buggy iPhone OS 4.0 until its final version arrives this summer.

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    Lama11 years, 5 months ago

    it doesn't want to grab my SHSH while recovery mode. What should I do??
    please help !

      Joshua Kenny10 years, 4 months ago

      Hey, I got something special! When I got stuck in recovery mode, I tried to restore my iPod 3.1.3 2G,but instead I got error 3194 and normal reboot not erasing any wanted data. How is this possible?

        Pramod10 years, 4 months ago

        This is because your TinyUmbrella has changed your hosts file to check Check Cydia for an SHSH blob on 3.1.3, which obviously is not required in your case. Goto your hosts file over here: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. Check your hosts file for a line like this If its there, delete the line completely & reboot your PC. Once back, continue with the restore. You’ll have no more 3194 errors. :)

    Jaxov11 years, 5 months ago

    Try Firmware Umbrella