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How To Go To [No Country Redirection]

Yes, every time you type on your address-bar, your browser automatically redirects you to the default Google domain reserved for your country like etc. Infact many of us are so much used to it that we don't know that actually exists or not. Well still there is a way to go to via your browser and the trick it very much simple. Just add the word NCR after your URL. It will stop Google from redirecting your browser to the default reserved Google domain for your country. Screenshot
Simply click or type in your browser address bar. You will see without any further redirection. NCR stands for No Country Redirection. Just in case Google redirects you any other country then Google may be detecting your IP wrong. In such case Google recommend to inform this issue immediately so that they may update your IP address as soon as possible. You may report such problem here.

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    Alberto11 years, 4 months ago

    It does not work with FireFox.

      Wolverine11 years, 4 months ago

      Its working fine in Firefox! I have checked it again.