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Hitler's Reaction To iPhone 4G Leak :D

Here is a response of Hitler on the famous iPhone 4G (iPhone HD) prototype leak. The scene is taken from a German film "Downfall" and it is repeatedly used to make fun of unexpected events we encounter in our daily life. Recently Constatin Films, a German film production filed a DMCA case against videos based on the said scene. As a result most these videos have been removed from YouTube including this one too. However we managed to grab the video from Vimeo. Apart from Gizmodo, the poor Engadget was also blamed in the video. :P

Hitler On iPhone 4G Leak
Most of you must be very well knowing how iPhone 4G got leaked in wild yesterday. To recap what happened: Gray Powell, who happens to be a software engineer at Apple forgot iPhone 4G prototype on his stool at a bar in Redwood City and left the bar in drunken state. A stranger later got hold of the phone and started playing with it considering it iPhone 3GS. Next day when he woke up, he found his iPhone bricked as Apple remotely wiped the complete OS via MobileMe tool. When Gizmodo heard the news, they bought the iPhone 4G prototype from that guy for about $5k– $10k USD. Later they published a full-fledged review of iPhone 4G prototype revealing all the hardware secrets of iPhone 4G. Apple on the other hand was shocked, they wrote a letter to Gizmodo that they want their secret iPhone 4G back. But untill now, Gizmodo seems to have no plans to return the Next Generation iPhone 4G back to Apple. Recently Gizmodo also revealed the internal hardware photos of iPhone 4G.

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