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Google Will Bring Free Satellite Navigation To iPhone!

Yup, this news is huge! Apart from Android smartphones, Google will bring FREE! satellite navigation to other smartphone platforms like iPhone as well and UK will be the first European country to support it with updated maps. The navigation system is available as a free update to Google Maps on Android phones however currently if you want to use satnav on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you must use expensive apps like TomTom and Navigon. This ofcourse will be a serious blow to these companies, but all consumers need is a free and quality service which Google will bring to us.

iPhone Google Free SatNav

Some words by Google Mobile Maps product manager, Steve Lee.

Google Maps pre-caches the entire route. It needs a data connection when you ask for navigation. But while driving to your destination, if you intermittently lose the connection, it will still carry on. As long as you stay on the route.

Once underway, users can choose from several viewing options: in addition to standard maps and directions Google provides satellite imagery and access to Street View, plus live traffic data (though it cannot yet automatically reroute to avoid congestion).

Google confirmed this news at a London press conference but has not given any ETA on when they are going to provide the update to iPhone users other than UK.

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