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FarmVille For iPhone and iPad, Coming Soon!

Yup, its a great news for all those who are big fan of the famous Facebook game FarmVille. Its coming to iPad and iPhone. FarmVille is developed by Zynga and is the most popular game app on Facebook with over 82.4 million monthly active users. The company have reserved two more domain names i-e and apart from the official FarmVille website This clearly points that sooner or later you are going to see the official iPhone app and iPad app of FarmVille in near future.

FarmVille Zynga
FarmVille Zynga
For those who don't know: FarmVille is a real-time farm simulation game through which you can create virtual farms, grow and harvest virtual crops and earn money. Ofcourse money is also virtual :P Now the biggest question is how Zynga will manage to port a flash game to iPhone or iPad? Most of you must be very much familiar with the Adobe-Apple dispute over Flash on iDevices. Apple has restricted to render any Flash content on its devices due to its policies defined in the TOS. Probably another technology like HTML5 will be used by Zynga. What's your point of view?
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