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Android OS Running on iPhone 2G [Video]

A group of hackers have managed to operate Google's Android OS on iPhone, yes it's not a rumor! they have floated a video showing Android OS running on an iPhone 2G. It's little buggy, as they are still working on it. The best part is that both iPhone OS and Android OS can run together i-e you can swap between both OS whenever you want.

The video showing Android in action on iPhone 2G:

This version is available for iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G, it will take some time before it's available for iPhone 3GS as well. To try this, you will need to download pre-built images and sources for Android, along with a README file which provides all the instructions and procedure for installing openiboot.

NOTE: This is not the final version of software and it's little buggy as well, so try this at your own risk, perhaps we should wait little more for flawless and final version of the software.

To read more about Android OS, visit here.

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