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Caution: iPad Is Not Waterproof

Yes, if you own an iPad then you must save it from water as well as avoid dropping it from your hands. Once dropped, your iPad screen can break into small pieces. If you still don't believe then checkout this video by PC World. According to stress tests done by PC World, although iPad's touch screen is almost scratch-less but unfortunately its not water proof and only a few drops on its large screen can blank it out forever.

iPad Fail

Here is another video which will give you an idea of how much delicate and fragile device your iPad can be:

Here is another bonus iPad torture video:

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    Cookie Monster10 years, 6 months ago

    Why would you put water/liquid on or into ANY electronic device not designed as water-proof. Nowhere does it say that iPad is water-proof so this complaint is invalid IMO. [sarcasm] Oh, and don’t use a baseball bat to get the fly off your plasma screen. Apparently flat panel TVs still break when too much force is applied to the display area or if you pour tea into them for that matter.[/sarcasm]

    Noneother10 years, 11 months ago

    Any piece of technology is going to break sooner or later. This is why we , adults, take care of the things we have. . . “don’t drop your iPad” ? What a novel idea.