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Capture Photos From Your iPad By Using iPhone Camera

Camera For iPad is cool app which allows you to capture and store photos directly on your iPad using your iPhone's camera. The apps comes in two parts, Camera A app which will be installed on your iPad and Camera B app which will be installed on your iPhone. After installing both apps, all you need is to launch these apps on both devices. Before that make sure that both devices have an active Bluetooth connection as pictures will be sent and received via Bluetooth connection. Once Bluetooth connection between two devices is established successfully, what you will see on your iPhone's lens will be shown live on your iPad's screen. Click on the camera icon at the bottom of iPad's screen to take a photo. Thats it!

iPad Camera


  1. Bluetooth, so no setup at all.
  2. Live viewfinder shows what the iPhone's camera is seeing.
  3. Pictures are taken at the iPhone camera's full resolution and look gorgeous on the iPad!
  4. Makes a great remote preview when taking group photos!
  5. Not just for the iPad! You can connect an iPhone to an iPod touch, or even connect one iPhone to another, and choose which is the sender and which is the receiver.


  1. Requires two devices, one to send pictures and one to receive.
  2. Both iPhone 3G and 3GS are supported for sending pictures.
  3. For receiving pictures, most devices are supported: iPad; iPod touch 2nd and 3rd generation; and another iPhone 3G/3GS are ALL supported!

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    coolbeans8 years ago

    Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for!