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Another iPhone 4G Prototype Similar To Gizmodo Leak

MacRumors has revealed photos of a phone that is almost similar in design to the one found in a bar at Redwood City which was later bought by Gizmodo for 5k USD. These photos were actually posted by a Chinese person via his Twitter account back in February. The photos are pretty much similar in design to the lost-and-found prototype of iPhone 4G but not entirely so.

Chinese iPhone 4G
As you can see from the above images, the frame of this phone is also metallic, an extra mic is visible next to the headphone jack, a flat back and metallic volume buttons exactly similar to Gizmodo leak of iPhone 4G prototype.

Chinese iPhone 4G vs Gizmodo iPhone 4G Prototype
The image on the left reflects the Chinese leak and on the right reflects the Gizmodo leak. As you can see unlike the right image, the left image don't have any screws at the bottom. No one is sure about the authenticity of these images but it seems more of these unreleased iPhones are out there in unauthorized hands.

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