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Verizon To Get CDMA Next Generation iPhone Along With AT&T iPhone 4G

As per a latest report of WSJ, Apple is expected to release two versions of iPhone, one for AT&T this summer and another CDMA version for Verizon by fall. Earlier, we shared that Apple is seeking cellular professionals with 4G technology expertise, which indicates that 4G powered iPhone is in the pipeline but there hasn't been any official statements from Apple yet about when and where they will release a 4G powered iPhone, but Apple is certainly planning to build an improved interim next-gen iPhone, talks and negotiations are already taking place between Apple and Verizon on a possible CDMA version of the next-gen iPhone 4G for Verizon Wireless customers.

One of the new iPhones is being manufactured by Taiwanese contract manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., which produced Apple’s previous iPhones. The model that has CDMA capability, used by Verizon Wireless, is being manufactured by Pegatron Technology Corp., the contract manufacturing subsidiary of Taiwan’s ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

If the iPhone’s exclusivity with AT&T ends, it will not be good news for AT&T considering the fact that most users switched to AT&T just because they wanted the iPhone despite the poor network coverage and customer support. iPhone availability on a carrier like Verizon is going to cause users to hold off from buying AT&T iPhone’s until they see what kinds of packages Verizon or other carrier offer if the iPhone’s exclusivity with AT&T ends.

Next-gen iPhone is expected to be released at WDDC 2010. For complete rumor list of iPhone-4G, please visit here.

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