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Download Opera 10.5 For Windows And Mac OS X

With the release of Opera 10.5, the opera team claims to have World's Fastest Web Browser On Earth. Opera 10.5 introduces new JavaScript engine known as Carakan which makes it 7 times faster than the old JavaScript engine Futhark which is being used in Opera 10.10. Moreover data compression at server end and de-compression at client end makes it more faster than other web-browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Opera managed to beat Chrome in both Peacekeeper and Sunspider. So, it appears that Opera is now the fastest browser available.

Opera 10.5 Released

Main Features of Opera 10.5 Web Browser

  • Support for CSS3 transitions and transforms.
  • HTML5 support for stuff like persistent storage.
  • UI is based on Vega (highly optimised software rendering engine)
  • Integrates with Windows 7 / Vista, letting you access your Speed Dials, tabs and other features diretcly from your taskbar.
  • Opera 10.5 support per-tab private browsing. Now you don't need to open a new window to enable private browsing like Google Chrome.
  • Dialogue boxes are no longer in your face. Instead they are displayed as page overlays.
  • Opera Turbo feature compresses webpages on Opera's servers so users can get them faster.

Download Opera 10.5 For Windows
Download Opera 10.5 For Mac OS X

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