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Now Buy iPhone 3G / 3GS Without AT&T Contract

As told earlier Apple may announce its next generation iPhone 4G at WWDC in June 2010. As the event is approaching near Apple is planning to clear its stocks for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS by selling them without AT&T contract. According to the leaked official document by Apple (see screenshot below), from now on iPhone can be purchased at full price without AT&T contract or ID at any Apple Store. One of the App Store employee also confirmed that now you can buy iPhone at full price from any Apple retail store without AT&T plan.

iPhone Without AT&T
However there are some limitations according to which customers may purchase 1 one iPhone at full price per day and 10 iPhones in their entire lifetime. So now you don't need to verify an active AT&T account while purchasing an iPhone from Apple retail store, just select any iPhone at the following prices: iPhone 3G 8GB for $499, iPhone 3GS 16GB for $599 and the 32GB model of iPhone 3GS for $699.

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