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iPad Keyboard Dock And iPad Case Shipment Delayed

Last week Apple gave a surprise to its fans by giving replace warranty over iPad's dead battery, that is Apple will give you a new iPad if your battery is not holding any charge. This time its not a good news for those who have pre-ordered the newly announced iPad on March 12 as Apple have delayed some of the branded iPad accessories. iPad keyboard dock which was scheduled for shipment in late April will now ship sometime in May. Same is the case for iPad's case. It will now ship in mid April instead of 3rd April, the original shipment date.

iPad Keyboard Dock And iPad Case Shipment Delayed
iPad Keyboard Dock And iPad Case Shipment Delayed
With over 1 Million iPads sold on the very first day of its release, this is a great setback for Apple fans specially for those who have pre-ordered their iPad! Plus it is also not a good sign for those who have not pre-ordered their iPads with its branded accessories yet. Apple iPad lacks support for digital camera, SD card and a standard USB port. To solve this issue iPad Camera Connector Kit was introduced but the worst part is this useful accessory for iPad is also delayed!

Perhaps even worse then those accessory delays is the iPad Camera Kit's current situation. The kit which allows you to connect an SD card or digital cameras to your iPad is not even on Apple's online store. The iPad's lack of a standard USB port or an SD card slot built-in is a potential negative for prospective buyers, and this kit was supposed to resolve the issue.

Although this is not a huge delay but the faulty 27" iMac Saga, the slight delay of iPad and now this unexpected delay of in-house accessories clearly points out some serious issues in Apple's supply chain and management. Apple seriously needs to revise its marketing strategies.

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