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HP Slate Will Support Flash And Air

First it was Apple, then its Google and now HP have revealed its tablet. Unlike Chrome OS Tablet by Google, HP Slate will be running Windows 7 and unlike iPad, famous tablet by Apple, HP Slate will be capable of running Flash based videos and games. Not only Flash, HP Slate will be fully capable of running Adobe AIR apps as well.

HP Tablet
According to Alan Tam of Adobe, HP Slate is a beautifully designed touch screen device that will be available in the market later on this year. Having Flash and Air on this tablet means you have access to the full web as you can watch your favorite videos, you can read books and magazines and all other online content as 85% of Alexa top 100 websites use Flash and 75% of all video content is Flash based too. You can do photo sharing and editing with HP Slate with allot more easiness via which allows you to do simple and advanced editing right from your browser.

HP Slate will enable will allow millions of people to take advantage of the full web including games, media, video and applications. Check out this new HP Slate video:

[via Voodoo Blogs]

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