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Confirmed: Flash 10.1 Will Be Available In 1st Quarter of 2010

As informed earlier, Google Nexus One and Motorola Droid will be the two lucky smartphones which will support Flash 10.1 and now its confirmed. Only devices with ARM Cortex A8 chipsets will be able to run final version of Flash 10.1. Devices with low hardware capabilities can view Flash content via Flash Lite. Taimur Asad of RedmondPie have already tested Alpha version of Flash Lite by playing the famous Facebook game Farmville on his Google Nexus One. So HTC Hero can also view Flash content on their devices with Flash Lite. Flash 10.1 will be available in the 1st Quarter of 2010 for all supported platforms.

According to Adobe:

Therefore the choice to target the ARM Cortex-A8 chipsets will result in greater efficiency, and most importantly a wider range of consistent experiences as uptake grows. To be clear, that uptake is already happening, and it will expand rapidly just like it does every other year.

It’s like a Moore’s Law of mobile phones :D

Yet some devices will not be able to support the full Flash Player 10.1 due to low hardware capabilities, and for many of those devices we have a new version of our optimized runtime, Flash Lite, to fill the gap.

Moreover, you can get adobe Flash 10.1 in three ways:

  1. You can get Flash Player 10.1 which comes bundled with System Software Updates (Firmware/ROM Updates)
  2. By manually downloading through on-device catalog.
  3. Downloading and installing from the Adobe Flash site

Adobe further clarified:

At Mobile World Congress Adobe demonstrated the full Flash Player (Flash Player 10.1) running on Android, Palm webOS and other mobile platforms. The HTC Desire will support Flash Player 10.1 once the runtime is available in the first half of 2010. Users will be able to upgrade the free player over the air. Until then the HTC Desire will ship with a new version of Flash Lite that supports ActionScript 3, and other new features. The Farmville demo shown on Redmondpie is using Flash Lite, not the full Flash Player.

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