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Chinese Media Covers Google China Controversy [FUNNY]

As soon as Google closed its search operations in China, it seems that Chinese Media is trying to cover up the issue. However the way they are covering is bit funny. Have a look at the screenshot below in which Xinhua, the official press of the People's Republic of China devotes barely 2 sentences to this news. :P

Chinese Media Covering Google Issue
Not only this but in another report by the same newspaper it is reported that according to the survey conducted by the official website of the Global Times newspaper, 84% of over 27,000 citizens said they "DON'T CARE" about Google potentially pulling out of China. :D

Some words from Xinhua:

In a survey conducted by, the official website of the Global Times newspaper, an affiliate of the People's Daily, Internet users were asked "What's your opinion of Google's pulling out of China?"

Up to 84 percent of more than 27,000 respondents answered the "Don't care" option.

"If Google wants to leave, just do it, and I will turn to Baidu. For sure we can survive without Google," said an anonymous comment from Shandong Province on the news portal

[via TechCrunch]

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