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Chinese iPad Costs $290, Will Be Released On April 3rd

Remember when a Chinese manufacturer released a clone for iPhone known as Aphone A6? Don't get surprised because Chinese engineers have done the same this time but this time they have cloned Apple iPad. The price of these counterfeit Apple iPads is 2000 yuan approx US $290, almost half the price of 32 GB Wifi model of original iPad. Not only this but these cloned iPads will be released on April 3rd, the same date on which Apple will ship first inventory of iPad.

Some words by Xiong Yiwei, President of Shenzhen Huayi (Guangdong Province)

After developing modules, we basically made the designs to look like a jumbo iPhone. The profit margin of counterfeit cell phones reached up to 30 percent in the past, but only 10 yuan (US$1.50) profit margin is made per one product. We had a great expectation of netbooks last year, but only 100 yuan (US$15) profit margin was made. The success of iPhonish product is a matter of life or death for us.

Chinese iPad

There are about 400 counterfeit electronics companies in Shenzhen City, most of them are of the view that Chinese iPad OS can not be compared to the OS of original iPad, however the low price of these counterfeit iPads and a new concept of tablet PC may attract some consumers. But who knows this Chinese iPad may emerge as another FAIL product by Chinese engineers like Aphone A6. As a Apple fan i will strongly discourage these type of counterfeit devices from Chinese manufacturers and will prefer to buy genuine Apple products by spending some extra bucks in the name of quality and true user experience.

Pre-orders of iPads will be shipped in America on April 3rd. If you have already pre-ordered your iPad for in-store pickup then you can pick your iPad on April 3rd between 9am to 3pm. After 3pm remaining iPads will be sold on first come, first serve basis. By the end of April Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, Italy, Japan, France, England, and Canada will sell iPads in their countries while the rest of the countries are left as "consideration".

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