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How To Change Location Of User Folders In Window 7

You can easily change the location of My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, Music, Downloads & Desktop location in Microsoft Windows 7. Its a good pratice to store your data in a drive which don't have any OS installed in it! Once you have changed the location of these folders, you can easily use Faronics Deep Freeze to freeze your OS drive to keep it safe from viruses.

How To Change Location Of Personal Folders Of User In Windows 7

In Windows 7 all of the user personal folders will be located at
If your Windows is installed in C: drive then create an empty folder in any other drive e-g D:\New Folder
Now if you want to change the location of My Documents then just right-click on it and choose Properties
User Folders In Window 7
Now go to Location tab and click on Move button. Browse for the New folder you created in D drive and click on Select Folder button. On clicking OK button, you will be asked to move all data from current folder to folder at new location. Click Yes!
Ur done!

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