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Apple to Reduce Screen Size of iPhone 4G?

Jason Schwarz of has predicted that Apple plans to reduce the size of its upcoming next generation iPhone. Why on earth would Apple do that? Why would Apple want alter the size of its most successful product? Jason Schwarz believes that iPad would be Apple's next top product and it will revolutionize the traditional way of mobile communication, so Apple is planning to reduce the size of next-gen iPhone/iPhone 4G to work as a strategy to put world's focus on iPad.

Schwarz believes that next-gen iPhone would be more of a tethering device for Apple's other mobile products.
iPhone 4G Concept

The iPhone turns into your tethering your device. It turns into your Internet connection. You only have to pay one bill, one phone bill, and all your devices can connect to a 3G and eventually a 4G wireless network. So in effect what the iPhone becomes for Apple is the glue that holds their mobile ecosystem in place.

From sales prospective iPad's future is certainly looking bring, as Apple sold 1 Million iPads on very first day after pre-orders begun, but it doesn't mean that Apple would want its next-gen iPhone to be an unsuccessful product just to favor iPad, so this pretty much looks a speculation.

Next-gen iPhone is expected to be released at WDDC, 2010. For complete rumor list of iPhone-4G, please visit here. [via MacDailyNews]

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    lol11 years, 7 months ago

    This is the dumbest prediction I have ever heard. The iPhone and iPad are two different products and there is no way Apple would recommend one over the other. Also by reducing screen size, every app on the App store would pretty much have to be completely redesigned.