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Future iPhone to Support 4G (LTE) Technology?

Why Apple named iPhone 2G successor as iPhone 3G?, because it supports 3G technology. Would next generation iPhone or iPhone 4G (as the world has named it) really support 4G technologies like LTE? that is a big question mark. With LTE trials/deployments already in progress and AT&T's interest in LTE, it's pretty hard for Apple to not consider LTE as a realistic option on future iPhones, and our notion is quite right! Engadget has shared that Apple has posted few job postings in May 2009 seeking for Cellular Technology Software Manager with expertise in WCDMA/UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE etc, so Apple is actually considering to develop a 4G powered iPhone.

For those who don't know, Long Term Evolution(LTE) is 4G technology which offers highest data rates OTA, ranging up to 100Mbps. Many 2G/3G service providers are considering to opt LTE and upgrade their networks, few already have started the LTE trials.

Regarding nest-gen iPhone, it's hard to comment that it would support LTE, as currently there isn't a single handset that supports LTE, so there are two possibilities, either Apple would possibly delay the expected launch of iPhone 4G to come up with a more mature next-gen iPhone or may be LTE support is kept in pipeline for iPhone 5G. [via Engadget]

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