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Twitter Phishing Attack Spreading from Direct Message

Twitter is under a scam attack again, this time it's a pishing attack and is rapidly spreading, scam attempts to obtain Twitter logins via Direct Messages. If you receive a direct message stating "lol, is this you" or any anonymous message, with link to a site named "bzpharma", please don't click the link, as doing so will be compromising your login details.

If you already have clicked the link, then you should change your Twitter login details as soon as possible! as your account details could be used by spammers to direct same Message to all of your friends.

How to Avoid Twitter Phishing Scam

Best approach for avoiding Twitter Phishing attack could be not to click any anonymous link in your direct messages, and specially not enter your twitter login details on any other unknown website. Refer here for more details/tips on this issue.

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