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How To Save Sessions In Google Chrome?

Google Chrome always lacked some of the most demanding features which Mozilla Firefox provides to its users and session saving is one of these features. However now you can save sessions in Google Chrome too by using an extension known as Session Manager. Session Manager is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to save sessions of your opened tabs and windows, and to quickly re-open them whenever you like.

You can save / reload the current browser state through Session Manager easily. Moreover you may manage multiple sessions, rename or remove them from the session library. Each session remembers the state of the browser at its creation time, i.e the opened tabs and windows. Once a session is opened, the browser is restored to its state.
Session Manager Google Chrome Extension

Some common usage:

  1. Create sessions for daily routines: Pages you open on morning, noon and evening
  2. Group pages of common interest such as News, Financial and Social Networks.
  3. Save the pages found during a research session that you'd like to revisit later.

How To Install "Session Manager" In Google Chrome

  1. Download latest version of Google Chrome from here. Google Chrome v4.0 and above have the support to run extensions and Greasemonkey scripts.
  2. Download Session Manager Extension from here
  3. After installation is complete, restart Google Chrome

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