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Nexus One Multicolored Trackball LED and Custom Live Wallpaper

As we know, Google Nexus One has a trackball for navigation and it possess the ability to glow in different colors for showing different kind of notifications such as Missed calls, SMS, Warnings etc but this functionality doesn't come in Nexus One as a default, though both Android software and handsets are fully capable of it; but no worries! few Android geeks are working on bringing this functionality in Nexus One.

Nexus One Custom LED Colors

Along with Multicolored Trackball LED functionality, working on Customized Live Wallpaper has also been see, this functionality will allow users to change the colors from the default set color scheme. Have a look at following video demo showing both customized functions in Nexus One.

These mods are not yet available, but they will soon come in market. Please note that for adding these mods, if available, you will need an Unlocked Nexus One along with Root access.

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