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New iPad Will Have A Camera And A SIM Slot

Apple revealed its much awaited tablet iPad at media event on January 27th with many more attractive features but at the same time it lacked two of the most expected features i-e Multitasking and Camera. iPad is based on OS 3.2 which is yet to be released for iPhone and iPod Touch in near future. It will not take much longer before hackers will Jailbreak iPad OS 3.2 and will bring Multitasking to it. Steve Jobs on January 27th said that the new iPad will be at retail within 90 days and will have a camera and SIM slot for 3G network.

Mission Repair found that the iPad replacement frames have a slot for the camera. They removed the standard camera from a Macbook and found that it exactly fits in the iPad's frame. This proves that Apple did left the space for the camera in the initial design of iPad.

iPad Frame With Camera Slot

Acc. to Mission Repair:

We pulled a camera from a Unibody MacBook. Just a standard camera unit that we see everyday. Guess what, it fits right in there. The camera slips in the frame, the lens fits in the hole, the LED that indicates that the camera is on, fits, and the ambient light sensor hole is also correct. It appears that the plans to have camera in the iPad is a reality.

Mission Repair iPad Frame

Moreover iPhone OS 3.2 SDK also provided an evidence that the shipping iPad could support a camera. According to one developer, the native Contacts application on the iPad offers the option to take a photo, in addition to choosing an existing one. So keep your finger crossed as you may see an iPad featuring camera, Wifi, SIM slot and multitasking in near future.

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