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HTC Supersonic – First WiMAX Handset by Sprint

Some good news for WiMAX users/customers! Sprint as we know is offering 4G WiMAX services in US, their WiMAX network is named as XHOM, they are offering WiMAX services via CPEs(Customer Premises Equipments) and USB devices. There are no WiMAX/4G enabled handsets available for sprint customers now, the primary reason for this is lack of WiMAX handsets in market, there are hardly any WiMAX handsets available, one reasons for manufacturers not investing in WiMAX handsets could be the absence of mobility in WiMAX networks, most WiMAX networks around the globe are offering fixed/non-mobility services. Sprint, however do offer mobility to its customers, so it badly needs WiMAX handsets. Acc to a Forbes report, Sprint is going to launch its very first WiMAX phone in the first half of this year!

The WiMAX handset will be manufactured by HTC and it will an Android OS based, HTC Supersonic will be the name of device, acc to people. Sprint's Business Markets president told that businesses and government agencies might be the first adopters, which indicates that handset will definitely be business friendly.

CEO Dan Hesse himself is cited as saying Sprint will be bringing out "dozens of devices" with embedded WiMAX this year, so even if you don't like the first one, there should be plenty of options come the holidays.

Sprint is counting on its 4G phones and markets to keep it ahead of rival Verizon, which plans to introduce its own 4G network using LTE (Lon Term Evolution) later this year. With LTE coming into telecom arena, arrival of 4G handsets/cell phones is imminent, as LTE networks will definitely offer mobility, unlike all WiMAX networks.

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    cd28rc11 years, 8 months ago

    So please tell me please tell or should I ask what is this going to cost that WiMax 4G gonna cost? I have been a Sprint Customer for TWENTY ONE 21 years and feel this should been a roll in. I don’t know what do you do?

      Jaxov11 years, 8 months ago

      We can’t really comment on prices of 4G mobile devices but we can comment with indemnity that experiencing 4G/WiMAX on the go would be a marvelous! You should give it a try, as Sprint has a WiMAX network with mobility, most WiMAX networks around the globe aren’t with mobility.