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How To Overclock Nexus One To 1.113 Ghz

Soon after the overclocking of Motorola Droid to 1 Ghz, Persiansown a senior member at XDA-Developers have managed to overclock Nexus One to 1.113 Ghz and found that it runs faster and is stable after overclocking. The normal clock speed of Nexus One's Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is approx 1 Ghz and after overclocking it will be increased 1.113 Ghz. Here is a step by step procedure of how you can overclock your Nexus One processor to make it more fast and still stable.

FYI: Clock speed of a processor defines how many instructions a processor can execute per second and by overclocking a processor we are increasing the clock speed of a processor which will result in execution of more instructions per clock cycle and ultimately the performance of a processor will increase.
Overclock Nexus One
Make sure to perform a full nandroid backup first before following any of the steps mentioned below.

How To Overclock Nexus One

  1. First unlock your Nexus One Bootloader. You can find step by step instructions from here
  2. Root your Nexus and install the latest Cyanogen rom (5.0.2 as of 2/15/2010). You can find step by step instructions from here
  3. Download the modded Kernel which is based on Cyanogen Highmem to overclock Nexus One to 1.113Ghz. Download from the source link here.
  4. Now reboot into fastboot and type:

    fastboot flash zimage zImagekmobs

    on command prompt if you are on Windows, and Terminal if on OS X.

  5. Once the phone has rebooted, Run SetCPU app and point it to auto-detect your CPU. (Do not choose Nexus from the list)
  6. Now set the max clock to the highest level and set it to run on boot.
  7. Reboot Nexus One

Ur done! Now your Nexus One will be running on 1.113 Ghz clock speed and will be much more faster.
If you're not running cyanogen's rom, you need to push this file to /system/lib/modules/

How to revert:

Take the boot.img out of the cyanogen zip and fastboot flash boot boot.img
If you are using enom's, use a similar process (as well as pushing the proper .ko file back as well)
You could also just reflash the rom you were using before. That will get rid of the addon, and you won't have to wipe

DISCLAIMER: Overclocking can damage your phone components and can make your device dead forever. So please follow the above procedure at your own risk. We take no responsibility for any kind of damage caused by the above procedure to your phone.

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