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How To Overclock Motorola Droid To 1.1 Ghz

Tasmanian_droid a developer at AllDroid have managed to overclock Motorola Droid phone to 800Mhz, 900MHz, 990MHz, 1GHz and 1.3Ghz beating the record of Nexus One Snapdragon chip which was overclocked upto 1.113 Ghz. However Nexus One was found to be running stable at 1.113 Ghz and Droid on 800Mhz which makes Nexus One on the top again. Original clock speed of Motorola Droid is 600Mhz and Nexus One has 1Ghz processor.

Motorola Droid 1100Mhz

Here are 3 intirim releases I used when compiling the info in this post, where the 600MHz slot was replaced with 800MHz, 900MHz, and 1GHz respectivly. 800MHz seems rock solid, as did 900MHz, 1GHz was only tested for 5 minutes. 1.1 seems a touch unstable so it’s going to be left for when cpufreq and etc get more slots added.

Benchmarks from the test are as follows.

6.76 Mflops/s linpack.
3395 on BenchmarkPi

7.646 Mflops/s on linpack
3054 on BenchmarkPi

8.367 Mflops/s on linpack
2695 on BenchmarkPi

8.498 Mflops/s on linpack
2661 on BenchmarkPi

9.254 Mflops/s on linpack
2435 BenchmarkPi

Motorola Droid 1300Mhz

10.848 Mflops/s in linpack
2078 in BenchmarkPi

Make sure to perform a full nandroid backup first before following any of the steps mentioned below.

How To Overclock Motorola Droid

  1. First of all you have to root Morotola Droid to get full access to its file system. You can find step by step guide to root Morotola Droid from here
  2. Make sure that you have flash_image on your system, in /system/xbin/ or /system/bin
  3. Enable USB debugging on the phone
  4. Download evilboot8.img to overclock Droid to 800Mhz, evilboot9.img for 900Mhz and evilboot1g.img for 1Ghz from the source link here
  5. Kernel for 1.3Ghz was not released as Droid was found unstable at that speed.

  6. Now reboot into sprecovery mode and select mount options as follows
  7. mount /system
    moust /sdcard

  8. Now run the following adb command from your PC
  9. adb shell /system/xbin/flash_image boot /sdcard/evilboot8.img

    (where xbin is xbin or bin depending on location of flash_image file on phone)

  10. Now unmount in the following order
  11. unmount /system
    unmount /sdcard

  12. Reboot your phone

Ur done! Now your Motorola Droid will be running on 1 Ghz clock speed and will be much more faster.

DISCLAIMER: Overclocking can damage your phone components and can make your device dead forever. So please follow the above procedure at your own risk. We take no responsibility for any kind of damage caused by the above procedure to your phone.

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