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How To Hard Reset Your iPhone Or iPod Touch

Sometimes when your iPhone or iPod Touch don't respond to any of your inputs e-g screen taps or buttons then you need to hard reset your device. By hard reseting your iPhone or iPod Touch, you are actually doing a force shutdown to your device.

Note that there is a difference between doing a hard reset to your phone and restore factory settings on your phone. Hard reseting your phone will just do a force shutdown on your phone incase your phone is unresponsive to any of your inputs. So you won't be losing any of your settings/data after doing a hard reset. Meanwhile, restoring factory settings on your phone will delete all user data/settings from phone memory and will restore factory settings on device i-e after restoration your phone will be just like as if you have bought a new one.

How To Hard Reset iPhone Or iPod Touch

  1. Press the home button (the big circle below the screen) and the sleep wake button (the button on top of the iPhone) simultaneously.
  2. iPhone Hard Reset

  3. Hold both buttons simultaneously for a few seconds, Ignore the "Slide to power off" and keep holding.
  4. iPhone Hard Reset

  5. The iPhone should now shutdown automatically - (fade to black)
  6. Turn the iPhone back on by hitting the sleep/wake button.
  7. You should now see the Apple logo, your iPhone is restarting and thus booting up.

Ur done! You have completed a hard reset successfully. You might like to see the official Apple Support document for resetting your iPhone or iPod touch.

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    Ellen8 years, 1 month ago

    I disabled my iPod and it says connect to iTunes, I dont want to erase it because I dont have it backed up and I’m not on my own laptop so I cant….Will hard resetting it make it work?

      jessica7 years, 10 months ago

      nope i have tryed it and it dont work