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Vodafone Nexus One Support Multitouch Functionality

Like Motorola Droid on Verizon, the US version of Nexus One lacks the multitouch capability. Even though the hardware of Nexus One and Android 2.1 OS fully support Nexus One, yet Google didn't shipped Nexus One with multitouch capabilities in web-browser despite of the fact that Apple's iPhone support both multitouch and apps since 2007. According to Engadget, a phone passed on to the German site Heise has all the multitouch goodness like pinch-to-zoom enabled in the web browser which means that European version of Nexus One which is due to launch on Vodafone this Spring will be supporting multitouch.

Multitouch On Nexus One
Note that European version of Driod, named Motorola Milestone also support multitouch functionality while the US version of Driod on Verizon lacks this functionality. However hackers have enabled this functionality by releasing a custom ROM for enabling multitouch in US version of Motorola Droid. So it wont take much longer before hackers may port multitouch functionality to US version of Nexus One just like they did with Milestone ROM port that brought multitouch to Droid.

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