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Play Flash Videos On iPhone/iPod Touch Via JavaScript

Yes now you can watch flash based videos on your iPhone. Even though iPhone still don't support flash but still Tobias Schneider, a German programmer has developed a JavaScript known as Gordon which can help you to play flash based videos on your iPhone. Just like HTML5 based player helps you to watch videos on YouTube without flash player installed on your browser, Gordon can help you to play flash content in mobile Safari but with certain limitations.

iPhone Flash Gordon
Gordon is not a complete replacement of flash on iPhone but it actually hacks the flash webpage into serving files through JavaScript which can easily be run on mobile Safari. However in order to video flash videos from your iPhone, the webpage containing that video must incorporate the Gordon JavaScript code in it. Moreover rendering flash videos on your iPhone may produce a negative effect on iPhone CPU, hence increasing the battery usage which will decrease the battery life eventually. Though it is a server-end hack so it don't need your iPhone to be Jailbroken. Click here for demos of Gordon.

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    Imaxpower11 years, 9 months ago

    Wow! This is a great news for IPhone Lovers.. Cool!