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iPhone 4G Looks Like an iMac

We all have seen the new spectacular 27 inch iMac, released in October 2009 with black LED and edge-to-edge aluminum glass surrounding. How about if Apple decides its Next Generation iPhone 4G to look like a iMAC. Have a look at new iMac iPhone concept, I would say that it looks absolutely astonishing! It's the best concept of all we've been before from iPhone geeks.

iPhone 4G Concept

This new design/concept has gained a lot of popularity, I think iPhone designer might have to work on iPhone 4G design again, if it's something else as this mix of aluminum and glass design of iPhone 4G is too stunning and appealing!

In fact, many of us will be disappointed if iPhone 4G comes out in some other design. What do you think? [via Gizmodo]

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