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Leaked Pictures of the Real Apple Tablet / iSlate?

As Apple's 'Latest Creation' event is getting closed, more rumors about Apple Tablet/iSlate are popping up. Many leaked images/photos of Apple Tablet have emerged in last couple of months, latest one is from Dustin Curtis, a UI designer. He has posted couple of Apple Tablet pictures that he claimed were given to him by his friend.

Apple Tablet

As shown, the Tablet as looks like an over-sized iPhone, but with the nice proportions. Here is one more:

Apple Tablet

It's hard to comment weather these images are of real Tablet or not. Pictures look quite realistic but some factors keep us away from believing that there images are real like the reflections and shadows under the edges are too bleak, it's quite possible that these images are Photoshoped etc. Guess we'll have to wait till 27th to see real tablet from Apple.

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    Maclord11 years, 8 months ago

    Although the tablet’s reflection on a turned on MacBook monitor looks too photoshoppedly, the device shape makes too much of a sense compared with other concept art and what we should expect after its description and what they did for iPhone and iPod touch.