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Johnny Depp Dead? 'RIP Johnny Depp' Trend Floods Twitter

Twitter is flooded with a shocking trends including RIP Johnny Depp and Johnny Depp Dead. I was kinda shocked/surprised after reading this depressing trend on twitter! After spending a while on Johnny Depp trending page, I noticed that some people are stating that this news is false and he is still alive.

I surfed on Google to find authenticity of this news and came to know that Pirates of the Caribbean super star is alive and safe, some websites however are claiming that he got involved within a motorcar fortuity this very morning but he is safe now. The "Johnny Depp died" story is just a horrible internet rumor that took off and was further fueled by Twitter and a fake CNN clone news page ( that reports in a CNN website template that Johnny Depp died in a car crash. But if you look closely you will see that it says Johnny Depp dies in 2004.

Fake Accidental Car of Johnny Depp

He is a great asset of Hollywood film industry, let's pray where ever he is, he is safe! Please re-tweet/share this post to let world know about the truth.

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    Wilbur Desantis11 years ago

    Johnny Depp is one hell of an actor and I like that he not only does a good job with parts he plays but he becomes role and he is one s3xy man!